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Is your bra uncomfortable? Are your bra straps visible? Want to wear a strapless bra, but the back can be seen peeping out of your sexy dress? That can be very annoying. Here you’ll find several bra accessories as solutions to the most common bra problems! Want to know whether you bought the right size bra? Please read the ‘calculate bra size’ page. For all other bra problems, the possible solutions are:

1. Bra extender

A bra extender or bra extension is the perfect solution to increase the circumference of a bra when it’s too tight. For example, if you’re pregnant or have gained a little weight, you don’t immediately have to buy new bras; you can buy a bra extender to increase the size of a bra that’s too small. Another name for this solution is bra extension.

How does it work?

A bra extender is a small piece of fabric with hooks that you can attach to the fastener of your bra. With it, you increase the circumference of the bra, ensuring a renewed proper fit of a bra that’s too small. With this extender you can extend a bra 3 to 4 cm. Most bra extenders are available in beige, black and white.

Solution for:

A bra extender can be a temporary solution for pregnant women or women who have gained a little weight. It can also be a permanent solution for:

  • A bra you’ve just bought, of which the circumference is just a little too small
  • If the circumference of your torso lies just between two bra sizes

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2. Sticky bra / adhesive bra

A sticky bra or adhesive bra is a bra that literally sticks to your breasts. These bras don’t have fasteners or straps. An adhesive bra is made of high-quality and skin-friendly silicone that’s easy to clean using lukewarm water. Perfect for women who want to prevent their straps or the bra band at the back from showing. Nowadays push-up adhesive bras are available as well, for a beautiful and sexy cleavage.

How does it work?

You ‘stick’ the cups of an adhesive bra to the spot where you’d normally have the cups of a normal bra, but this time you won’t have to close a strap on the back or put on shoulder straps. The adhesive bra will simply stay put! Most adhesive bras can be reused after a good wash. Some models are only suitable for one-time use; these have a piece of contact film that you have to remove before sticking the cups to your breasts.

Solution for:

Adhesive bras or sticky bras are the perfect solution for strapless festive clothing such as halter-neck dresses and tops. In short, perfect for women who wear fashion with an open back or bare shoulders. It prevents from showing the unflattering shoulder straps or back strap of your bra. Perfect!

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3. Nipple covers

As the name suggests, nipple covers cover the nipples of your breasts. They’re sometimes also called breast petals or nipple flowers. These covers can come in handy to prevent uncomfortable nipples, for example as protection during sports. There are silk, felt or silicone nipple covers. Of course, we also have kinky nipple covers made of metal, patent leather or latex: for an exciting and enticing night.

How does it work?

Thoroughly clean your breasts with, for example, soap, and make sure they’re free of grease. Stick the nipple cover to the nipple of the bare breast, softly push down on the breast petal and you’re all set.

Solution for:

Nipple covers prevent your hard nipples, caused by cold or excitement, from showing through your clothes. Perfect if you want to wear a ‘bare’ or transparent top without a bra. In addition, they also come in handy to prevent pain from chafing clothes. You can use nipple covers:

  • During sports, to prevent the synthetic clothing from chafing your nipples
  • When you’re pregnant, if your nipples are sensitive due to breastfeeding
  • To prevent uneasy situations if your nipples turn hard due to cold or excitement
  • At a fetish party, if you want to be alluring and provocative

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4. Bra clips

A great accessory is the bra clip. For example, if you’re wearing a tank top, racerback top, strapless dress or other piece of clothing where you prefer your bra straps aren’t seen, you can use a bra clip. This clip pulls the bra straps together so they no longer run over the shoulder blades. A quick and perfect solution!

How does it work?

Fashion clips or bra clips can easily be attached to the back side of your bra straps. The bra clip ensures that the shoulder straps join together between the shoulder blades on your back. They do run over your shoulder, but from the middle of your back rather than the sides of your back. The clips are often made of transparent, white or black plastic. In addition, they’re very comfortable, it’s easy to adjust the height and they work for all bra sizes.

Solution for:

Fashion bra clips are perfect if you’re wearing a sexy top or dress where you don’t want anyone to see your bra straps. A great alternative for a strapless bra if your sexy dress or top does not have bare shoulders.

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5. Comfort bra pads

Comfort bra pads are padding, usually made of silicone, that you place under your bra shoulder straps to prevent them from slipping down and/or chafing. The white or skin-coloured pads have a groove in the middle that perfectly locks the straps in place.

How does it work?

You place the comfort bra pads on your shoulder and slip the bra strap into the groove. This secures the pad. Comfort bra pads are generally made of skin-friendly silicone and are about 2 cm wide.

Solution for:

It’s the perfect solution for bra straps that keep slipping off your shoulder. In addition, they protect your skin from possibly painful pressure caused by your bra strap. They’re very comfortable, especially during sports! Try it some time.

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