How to use a Love Toy?

Have you been able to determine which sex toy is the best one for you, and have already bought a vibrator or other type of toy? Then it’s time for the next step: using it!

The most frequently asked questions are:

♥ Which aids can I use?
♥ Which lubricant is best to use with my toy?
♥ How do I get an orgasm?
♥ Can I have multiple orgasms?
♥ And last but not least: how do I clean the toy or toys after use.

Here you’ll find more information about sex toys, how to use them and all the best practices.

1. Lubricant

Water-based lubricant -> See all our water-based lubricantss
Silicone-based lubricant -> See all our silicone-based lubricants
Warming lubricant -> See all our stimulating lubricants
Flavoured lubricants -> See all our flavoured lubricants
Anal lube -> See all our anal lubricants


2. How do you clean your sex toy?

For all things, sex toys included, it’s: clean them properly, they’ll last longer. It’s not just better for the toys, it’s also better for your personal hygiene. You can clean a sex toy in several different ways, for example with a toy cleaner. Does your toy consist of 100% silicone (non-porous) and is not electric? Then it’s possible to boil it clean. All cleaning tips can be read here.

More information about the toy cleaners >

3. How can I get an orgasm?

You get an orgasm through uninterrupted stimulation of, especially, the clitoris. How you get to an orgasm is different for everyone. One might need lengthy stimulation (vaginal, clitoral, both or the G-spot), while the other only haves to think about sex and they already reach their climax. There are several different orgasms. How to get to an orgasm, what your erogenous zones are, how you can get a better orgasm plus all tips, you can read them here!

♥ Did you know?

The record for multiple orgasms is 134 orgasms per hour. That’s more than 2 orgasms a minute!

♥ Did you know?

The male orgasm lasts 4 seconds on average, and the female orgasm lasts 15 seconds on average.

♥ Did you know?

The feeling of an orgasm is practically the same for men and women.

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