How do ben wa balls work? And how do you use them?

Ever since the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ book and film came out, love balls are very popular. Other names for these popular little balls are: ben wa balls, kegel balls, pleasure balls, vaginal balls and Ben Wa balls. Want to know how love balls work? How to use them? What types and materials are available? And which love balls suit you? You’ll find all information, facts and tips here!

What are love balls or ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are literally little balls that you insert in your vagina. They’re made of various materials (glass, silicone, metal) and available in different models. Some are loose, others are connected to each other and have a string.

How do ben wa balls work?

One the one hand, ben wa balls are perfect tools to train your pelvic muscles. That is what they were originally designed for. On the other hand, they will intensify your sexual experience.

Most balls contain a small weight, resulting in them continually moving around as you move. If you’re walking, cycling or sitting then the balls softly move against the vaginal wall (and G-spot) and you will feel a light internal vibration. You will not immediately have an orgasm, but the fact that your G-spot is being stimulated will give you an erotic and exciting feeling. You can wear them all day: whether you’re at home, on a bike or at your job. You can also only insert them during sex.

Please note

The sensitivity of the vaginal wall and G-spot is different for every woman. Some women do not feel anything at all when wearing love balls. Despite the fact that you don’t feel anything, it’s still a good way to train your pelvic muscles. Well-trained muscles also prevent unpleasant complaints such as incontinence.


If you’re an inexperienced user it’s best to start with light Ben Wa balls. If you can keep those in after a bit of training, you can move on to a heavier version. Heavy vaginal balls are suitable for the experienced users.

Did you know?

Many women keep the love balls in during the day. Why? The thought that only they know they’re wearing the love balls excites them. .

Strong pelvic muscles

As previously mentioned, ben wa balls or vagina balls are mostly intended to train your pelvic muscles. As you’re wearing the balls, you have to contract your muscles to keep the balls inside. Stronger pelvic muscles eventually result in a positive influence on your sex life. The feeling during sex is more intense, you will produce more fluids and your orgasm will in the end be a lot more intense with properly trained muscles. In short: it has a lot of advantages!

How do you insert the balls?

The answer to this is really not all that surprising. Push the balls into the vagina, like you would do a tampon, and you’re done. You could use some lubricant if it’s a bit difficult or painful. Make sure they are on top of the pelvic muscles, which is about the same place your tampon would be located. Of course, you can always try them in different locations. You can figure out what you like.

Which type of love balls are right for me?

Want to buy love balls? You ought to first determine what you want to use them for. Purely erotic? Or do you want to train your pelvic muscles? Are you an inexperienced user? We recommend you start with lighter balls. If you’re more experienced you can also use the heavier balls. For beginners, the balls that are connected to each other and which you can remove with a string are often more pleasant than the separate vagina balls.

Further more, details like materials and the size of the balls are important when you make your selection. For beginners, the rule “the smaller, the better” applies. The larger kegel balls are more suited for experienced users.

1. Silicone ben wa balls

Silicone love balls feel soft to the touch. This material is quick and easy to clean and safe to use. The silicone version is suitable for both the inexperienced and the advanced user.

KGo for silicone if you’re looking for:

♥ Vaginale stimulatie.
♥ G-spot stimulatie.
♥ Training bekkenbodemspieren.
♥ Goede hygiene.

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2. Metal ben wa balls

The proportions in size and weight of metal ben wa balls are as such that the effect is very strong, even in the smallest balls. It’s perfect for training of your pelvic muscles, as well as a great internal massage.

Go for metal if you’re looking for:

♥ Strong internal massage.
♥ Vaginal stimulation.
♥ G-spot stimulation.
♥ Training of the pelvic muscles.
♥ Proper hygiene.

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The best ben wa balls for you?

You might wonder what the best ben wa balls are for you? We recommend you read the information provided above carefully and then determine which material, model and size love balls you prefer. We repeat: if you’re inexperienced, we recommend you start with lighter, smaller vagina balls. Do you already have experience in using love balls? You can decide on any set of ben wa balls you prefer!

♥ Did you know?

Ben wa balls have been used for centuries to train the pelvic muscles, as well as sexual pleasure.

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