Exciting sex games for couples


Is your sex life ready for some excitement? Or are you looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? Surprise yourself and your love with a fun game. These are the most exciting sex games for couples!

Sex games for couples: something for everyone

If you think about Christian Grey’s playroom in Fifty Shades of Grey when you hear ‘sex games’, allow us to reassure you: there are many fun adult games that don’t involve BDSM at all. Here is a list of our favourites:

Sex dice

If you’re looking for a fairly innocent way to add a little boost to your sex life, sex dice are the way to go! There are many different kinds of sex dice, such as Glow in the Dark foreplay dice. These will tell you to lick your partner’s ear for example or kiss their nipples. Sex position dice take it a step further; throw the dice and try the sex position that’s pictured.

Erotic Heart with exciting tasks

There are many sex games for couples that include carrying out certain tasks. Erotic Heart is one of those games. Give it to your lover as a gift if you’re both ready for some experimentation between the sheets. The heart contains rolled-up notes with various tasks, like blindfolding your partner or stroking the inside of your partner’s thighs.

Fifty Shades card game

We already briefly mentioned Fifty Shades of Grey in the introduction. Following the success of the books and the movies, there are now dozens of officially licensed Fifty Shades sex toys and sex games. The Fifty Shades of Grey card games give your sex life the boost you’re looking for. There are various different games. There is the Date Night card game that allows you to choose between staying in or going out. The cards offer suggestions for activities you can do together, like shopping for lingerie. There’s also a Talk Dirty card game. You can play this game in three different ways and, as the name suggests, it’s all about dirty talk.

Discover Your Lover

Discover Your Lover is an erotic game containing various tasks. You can play it with your partner, but you can also play it with other couples at the same time for even more fun. By answering the questions in the game, your partner finds out what you really like, what you dream about, and how you use certain sex toys.

Bondage Seductions game

Coming back to that BDSM playroom we mentioned; that’s obviously a bit much for a beginner. But if you want to explore the world of BDSM in a fun way, the Bondage Seductions game is the choice for you. Besides various tasks, this game also contains several toys, like a whip, cuffs, and a blindfold. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your erotic or submissive side with this BDSM game!

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