Winter is coming: time to turn up the heat with these heated sex toys!

verwarmende seks toys

The latest sensation in sex toy land: the heated sex toy! These heated sex toys have a separate feature that warms them up. Perfect for extra pleasure and a great way to warm up those cold winter nights. Is a heated sex toy just the thing for you? Find out here

Heated sex toys: a brand-new innovation!

Winter is coming and, with it, the inevitable restriction of pandemic rules and regulations. You trusty old vibrator will undoubtedly help you get through the season, but at the end of day it’s still a cold piece of plastic. Of course, they’re creative toys that vibrate, thrust, suck and imitate human mouths and tongues. But they’re still cold.

How great would it be if we could heat things up a little with an extra feature? Such as playing around with the temperature?

The great thing about sex is that there are so many possibilities out there. So many locations, positions and toys to choose from. And just when everything seems to have settled down in sex toy land, a new, sexy competitor shakes things up again, ready to seduce you and set you on fire. That’s right: say hello to the heated sex toy!

Turning up the heat

The idea of heating sex toys is not exactly a revolutionary one. Most people have already discovered what you can do with metal and glass toys ages ago, such as submerging them in warm water or chilling them in the freezer for a while to experiment with exciting, new sensory experiences. But a heated, silicon-based toy with a motor for powerful vibrations? That’s a whole new way to heat things up.

This latest sensation is the best way to turn up the heat in your bedroom. You can use heated sex toys in all sorts of ways: you can insert them, massage your clit, or lean back and pretend you’re lying in bed with a real, warm-blooded sex partner. And it really does feel that way, because the warmth from your toy comes very close to body temperature.

What are heated sex toys?

Heated sex toys have a built-in heating element. You can turn this heating element on and warm up your toy with a separate button. Don’t worry, the toy won’t fry your insides. Most toys reach no more than a few degrees above body temperature. Some toys don’t even warm up that far.

You can adjust the heating element to your tastes. On average, the toys heat up to a maximum of 40°C. That is a comfortably warm temperature that doesn’t feel too hot. However, most toys start at about 36°C. If you’re a little unsure about using them, start there. And you can always raise the temperature if you like. There are also toys with an even, constant heat. Those are particularly good to help your body relax and get your blood circulation going.

What are the advantages of heated sex toys?

There are so many advantages to heated toys. The warmth in your vibrator, masturbator or anal toy makes sure that you enjoy the vibrations in your toy more intensely. It also helps you relax and makes your vagina or anus a lot more sensitive to vibrations, pulses and thrusts.

So how does that work? As your genitals heat up, your blood vessels open up. This increases the flow of blood to the skin, making your skin more sensitive. Every touch feels much more intense.

It also makes penetration a lot more comfortable. Because let’s be honest, no one really likes inserting a cold vibrator. But because these toys are nice and warm, they feel more realistic. The muscles in your vagina won’t tense up from the sudden cold, which makes them more receptive to the toy, making masturbation a lot easier and pleasurable.

Good for your health!

Did you know that heated toys also give a boost to your health? Because they take away the initial tension during penetration and add extra warmth to your insides, they can alleviate menstrual cramps. And because your blood circulation is stimulated, your muscles relax, taking away any pain or stress. An added bonus? You’ll be more easily aroused.

A heated sex toy is an absolute must during the cold winter months. If you’re sensitive to the cold, it’s not easy to spontaneously get in the mood. You’re easily distracted by your ice-cold feet, and those frozen fingertips aren’t exactly sexy during massage play. And it’s difficult to lose yourself in the moment when all you can feel are the goosebumps on your skin.

Do you engage in impact play? Then it’s even more important to get warmed up first. Cold skin has a much lower pain threshold and the point is to experience pleasure, not agony. A heated wand vibrator is ideal in those moments to get your skin ready for the real deal.

verwarmende toys

Six heated sex toys

Have we convinced you of the tantalising possibilities a heated sex toy can offer? Lucky you, because several fabulous designs were launched on the market in 2021. Whether you’re looking for a wand vibrator, clit stimulator or a high-quality vibrator, here are our six favourite sex toys that your insides are dying to discover!

1: Drift by Lora Dicarlo

This ergonomic clitoral G-spot vibrator hits the spot every time. With seven intensity settings, three vibration patterns and a heating feature that reaches just above body temperature, it’s the perfect toy for everyone, from beginners to pros. The soft silicone feels realistic and comfortable, delivering a pleasurable sensation increased by the raised temperature.

2: Whisper Heat of the Moment Butt Plug Vibrator

This anal vibrator warms up to 37°C, delivering penetration almost as good as the real thing. This toy has ten vibration settings, a slightly bent tip, a narrow neck and a flat base. The silicone shaft feels feels silky smooth and when used with special anal lubricant glides effortlessly to all your favourite spots.

3: Rabbit Vibrator

Ladies, this Rabbit is not for the faint of heart. The heating element can heat up to no less than 42°C, guaranteeing a warm glow on the inside. This vibrator can heat as well as thrust and, with ten powerful settings, it can also vibrate like no other!

4: Anya Warming Vibrator

The stylish Anya warms up to a gentle 38°C. The vibrator also has five vibration settings, five intensity settings and an intelligent mode. The intelligent mode starts off slowly, but the vibrations eventually increase in depth and intensity. You don’t have to fiddle with the buttons; just lie back and surrender to what Anya’s ribbed top has in store for you.

5: Gyrating Ass Thruster Anal Vibrator

This amazing anal vibrator has no end of stimulating options. It features seven different vibration settings that you can combine with thrusting, heating or rotating features. You can warm the vibrator to a comfortable 40°C, making insertion much more comfortable and effortless.

6: Atlas Warming G-spot Vibrator

This waterproof vibrator has no fewer than 12 vibration settings to choose from. The ridged shaft runs over into a realistic glans for extra stimulation and, thanks to the bent tip, will hit the bullseye every time it targets your G-spot. The heating function warms up to 37°C for added pleasure!

The hit of the season

‘Baby, it’s cold outside…’. Nope, not anymore. Not when you have at your disposal an entire arsenal of heated sex toys to set your insides on fire. Don’t forget the warming oils and lubricants for an extra comfortable and erotic experience.

With winter just around the corner, everyone needs a little warmth and cosy intimacy. On the rug in front of the fireplace, for instance. Or deeply tucked away among the soft pillows in your bed. Because whether you’re looking for exciting ways to heat up your body or simply want to add a brand-new sensation to your masturbation sessions: a heated sex toy is just what you need. As far as we’re concerned, these toys will be the hit of the season!

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