Nine naughty tips for an exciting date night!

sexy date night

On a date night together? Most couples already know you have to make time for each other between stressful jobs and demanding children. But, at the same time, a monthly dinner like that can become a bit stale. From vibrating eggs in the supermarket to role play and chocolate parties: with these naughty tips, you’re guaranteed to make your date night a lot more exciting!

Quality time

Whether you’re in a brand new relationship or have already been together for years, everyone needs a good date night now and again. Just a fun night out together, without having to think about difficult exams, nagging colleagues, neglected household chores or maddening toddler tantrums. A lot is happening around you, and before you know it, you’ve completely lost sight of each other.

Regular date nights help keep your relationship alive. You get the chance to catch up, have deep conversations and strengthen your relationship. In today’s hectic world, it’s essential that you take a moment to really look at each other. A bit of quality time has never hurt a relationship, quite the opposite!

Uninspired sex routine

But still. After you’ve visited your favourite restaurant for the umpteenth time, something starts to itch. Are we really going to order the carpaccio again and spend three hours talking about work and the kids before rushing back home to see the babysitter out? And will we then work through our uninspired sex routine only to fall asleep utterly exhausted again?

Shouldn’t date night be more exciting? We have listed a few spicy alternatives for all the couples who are secretly getting tired of those predictable, plain-vanilla date nights.

Nine tips for an exciting date night!

1: Create your own déjà vu

Why wouldn’t you want to relive your first date? Run over to the same café or restaurant where you had your first date together and pretend it’s your first date night. Lose yourselves in the roleplay and talk about the typical ‘first-date-subjects’, like your dreams for the future, favourite tv shows and music. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up learning new things about each other.

Flirt a little, twirl your hair and play footsie underneath the table…

Flirt a little, twirl your hair and play footsie underneath the table. You can be sure things will heat up really fast! Do you want to make things extra exciting? Then go to the lingerie store before your date and buy yourself something sexy. Give your partner a peek of what’s in store for them during your dinner by playing with your bra strap or wearing something slightly see-through or a super low-cut top. There is nothing hotter than some sexy lingerie, so lovely ladies: act like a temptress on the hunt and make your lovers head spin during the appetizers.

Is your date night still a few weeks away? Then have a look at our lingerie collection. We’re sure we’ll have just the sexy look for you!

2: Unconventional? Do it!

After a few years, most couples can’t seem to come up with anything new. And, well, then they end up in that same old restaurant where the menu never changes every third Saturday of the month. Why not do something crazy for once? Splurge a little here and there? Cut loose for a bit? So, every time that third Saturday comes around, look for something new and unconventional to break the routine.

Go dining in the dark. Put on your naughty pumps and go to a Kama Sutra convention together. Book a superdeluxe hotel with a spa and splurge on room service. Bring your favourite lingerie and sex toys and show your partner the time of their life! Nothing is off-limits, as long as it isn’t those mandatory two or three hours at that same old restaurant or all-you-can-eat-sushi place. Surprise each other!

Put on your naughty pumps and go to a Kama Sutra convention

3: Do it in reverse!

Simple but effective. Do you remember Memento, that movie in which the storyline starts at the end and ends at the beginning? You could just do that. Most date nights end in bed, but you’re just going to turn things around.

Start with wild and intense sex, then get into the bath for a soothing and sensual scrub. Next, you slide into your best dress and apply your makeup for half an hour while your partner impatiently taps away on his smartphone. Get out of the house completely refreshed, grab some ice cream at the ice cream parlour and end the night with a candlelit dinner. Do you still have time left? Then go to a club or café for one last drink or to bust a few dance moves!

Tip: make your bath session extra special with a massage candle, some rose petals, or a bath bomb with pheromones. Who knows, maybe your lust will take over for a second time!

4: Naughty & Nice Advent Calendar

Discovering sex toys together: sounds exciting, right? We’ve put together Purple Starlight, a Limited Edition Advent Calendar with 24 erotic toys and grooming products meant to get you through these dark days of the year. Ideal to discover together in the weeks before Christmas!

Of course, it’s exciting to open up a stylishly designed box every day. But you can also set up a sexy scavenger hunt. Hide your presents all over the house and agree to take off one piece of clothing for every present found by your partner. This way, you probably won’t make it to Christmas, but oh well. At least you’ll have that super sexy date night in the bag. And many more to come!

5: A feast of chocolate and other aphrodisiacs!

Oysters, strawberries and champagne. Is your mouth already watering? There are a whole range of foods that can spike your libido. Do a little research into these foods and make a bunch of small, delicious snacks to eat together. Combine these culinary, erotic foods with a small wine tasting. You take turns putting on a blindfold and then guess what wine you’re drinking. You can even keep the blindfolds on for some kinky afterplay in the bedroom. Light a few candles, put on some sultry music, the whole shebang.

There’s a whole range of foods that can spike your libido

Do you want to go wild with chocolate? Smart move because chocolate is not only delicious, it’s also quite the aphrodisiac. Melt some dark chocolate, let it cool off for a bit and then drizzle it over your lover’s body. Or, better yet, let the chocolate cover your loins and have your partner lick you off from head to toe: slowly and sensually. Spend some extra time on the sensitive places, such as your toes, nipples and, of course, your pleasure button. Don’t feel like going through all that hassle with chocolate bars? Then turn things into a happy mess with special chocolate body paint. The more chocolate, the more there is to lick off!

6: Dirty Dancing

Spice up your evenings by learning something new together; that’s some classic advice. And what’s hotter than dancing? Dancing on its own isn’t necessarily naughty or kinky, but there is something incredibly sexy about dances like the samba, salsa and rumba. You’re glued to each other’s sweaty bodies for a long time and automatically let your hands glide all over some of the most interesting parts.

Hip to hip, chest to chest and eyes locked? Yep, that’ll get the blood flowing! Latin dance styles are very fluid and sensual, so take your lover with you to a dance school. Or look up a tutorial on YouTube and create your own tango with a sexy twist. Let your partner wear a Patrick Swayze- or Jennifer Grey-esque outfit and go at together!

7: From strip poker to Truth or Dare

Yes, poker is fun. But strip poker is fun and sexy. The rules are very simple: if you lose a game, you have to take off one piece of clothing, and you go on until you’re both butt naked. Or one of you is completely nude while the other is still sharply dressed, which could also be incredibly arousing.

Of course, strip monopoly or other card games where you strip can be arousing as well. Or what about an extra exciting version of Truth or Dare? With this lusty edition of the game, you’ll get to know your partner better and push your erotic limits in order to win. Together, you’ll answer kinky questions, perform titillating dares and reveal your deepest sexual desires to each other. To make things extra naughty, you can even play the game half-naked.

sexy date idee

8: Roleplay

Bring out the actor in you! Okay, it might be a little cliché, but you could dress up like a nurse, teacher or waitress. You could also develop a super dramatic script about an apocalyptic scenario in which you and your partner need to find different ways to reproduce to save humanity from going extinct. Or whatever, come up with something wild. Are you secretly into something kind of kinky? Then come up with an exciting backstory in which your partner is a fierce warrior (Kahl Drogo springs to mind), and you’re their captured sex slave and… well, you understand where we’re going with this.

Come up with an exciting backstory…

And the classic roleplay scenario: pretend you’ve never met each other before. You both go to a restaurant separately and make sure one of you arrives about ten minutes after the other. Sit at separate tables make stealthy eye contact every now and then until one of you takes the first step. Sip on a sexy cocktail together and let the flirting commence. Have some fun coming up with an interesting backstory and try to completely immerse yourself in your characters. Who knows what sort of unsuspected desires will be tapped into and what sort of wild sex will come of it!

9: Vibrating eggs in the supermarket

Imagine going to the supermarket together while you’ve inserted a vibrating egg and your partner has the remote control in their pocket. While you’re looking for a ripe tomato, he turns up the vibration setting.

Nobody is aware of what’s going on between your legs. And the way you glance at each other is enough to let nature take its course and inspire you to rush home together. And the groceries? You’ll worry about those later. This is also excellent foreplay when you’re at a restaurant. Let’s see how long you’ll last, with flushed cheeks due to the Death by Chocolate!

Break the mould and get out of your rut!

So, to summarize. We all know how important date nights are for the emotional connection between you and your partner. But the sexual health of your relationship is just as important. Sometimes you just got to break the mould and get out of your rut together.

That way, you’ll keep each other on your toes and get to see each other in a new, sexy and seductive light. One final tip; try to keep everyday problems and irritations out of it. Tonight is all about you and the way you feel about each other, away from your daily hassle. And there is no better way to do that than by doing something completely unexpected and exciting!

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