Why do we have more sex in summer?

Why do we have more sex in summer?

At some point in your life, you probably noticed that your sex drive is higher in summer and on vacation, and lower in winter. Why do we have more sex in summer? How do you keep it fun between the sheets when it’s hot in the bedroom? How do you increase your sex drive in winter? We have all the answers for you!

Why is our sex drive higher in summer?

Various researches show that most people experience changes in their sex drive depending on the season. Going on dates, watching porn, and having sex are generally more popular activities in early summer than any other time during the year, based on an analysis of popular search terms in Google. Condom sales increase during the summer months and even STI clinics notice an increase in STI’s. But why do we have a higher sex drive in summer? The reasons for it actually make a lot of sense.

Biology: serotonin makes you feel good

Simply put, more hours of sunlight during the day increase your serotonin levels, which makes you better and happier. During the winter months, the lack of sunlight can result in serotonin deficiency. Because serotonin makes you feel happier, you will also be more active when your serotonin levels are high. You’ll tend to visit the pub more often, or you’ll take a chance and go on a date with that great person you met on a dating app.

Need for adrenaline

In summer or on vacation, you might feel the need to do something exciting, like skydiving or abseiling. The adrenaline this produces stays in your body for quite a while, which also influences sexual arousal. In short, by doing exciting things, it’s easier to get aroused.

More spare time

Most people like to go on holiday during the summer because of the nice weather, or because their children don’t have to go to school, or because of the decreased workload at the office during summer. And when we have more spare time, we also tend to have more sex. Where normally you would be at the office on Wednesday morning, you now have time for some fun between the sheets before going to the beach.

Appearance matters

We are know that men are visual beings, so it probably won’t come as a surprise that most men consider summer clothing more visually attractive than winter clothing. Bare legs under shorts and skirts, dresses with a low neckline: in summer there is a lot more exposed skin. And this leads to an increased sex drive.

How do you keep in fun when it’s hot in your bedroom?

During a heat wave, the temperature in an average bedroom easily rises to around 25 degrees or more. This makes getting a good night’s sleep difficult, let alone having sex in that heat. Are your sexual adventures in summer synonymous with heat and stickiness? It doesn’t have to be that way! With the tips below, you can make summer sex fun again.

Sex in a cold shower

Cooling down your body in the shower at the end of a hot day is a good idea. Now you can get into bed feeling refreshed. Ask your partner to join you in the shower for hot (or cold) sex. If the water is lukewarm or cold, you can pleasure each other without overheating.

Do it outside

In the evening, it’s usually cooler outside than in the bedroom. We’re not necessarily suggesting you should have sex in public, but having sex outside can be very exciting. If you don’t have any nosy neighbours, then we recommend having sex in your garden or try having oral sex on your lounge set under a blanket. This is not just exciting in the moment itself, but it will also boost your sex life in general.

Use ice cubes

Too hot to have sex? Definitely not! Use ice cubes to make it a pleasantly cooling experience. Put an ice cube in your mouth and trace a path from your partner’s neck all the way down. And don’t forget the nipples. They are very sensitive and ice cubes always result in an intense reaction. Eventually, end at your partner’s genitals. Using an ice cube adds a whole new dimension to oral sex.

Low sex drive in winter?

Unshaven legs, a cold bed, early bed time: there are many reasons why you don’t feel like having sex as much in winter. Not only does your brain produce less serotonin, you probably also feel less energetic. The sheets on your our bed are cold and to be honest, all you want to do in it is sleep. However, keep in mind that having sex makes you feel energetic and that it’s important to your relationship. With the tips below, you’ll look forward to your next sexual experience.

Turn on your electric blanket

If you own an electric blanket, turn it on some time before getting into bed so your sheets are nice and warm by the time you’re ready to take your clothes off. Don’t forget to turn it off before you get into bed by the way. You and your partner will feel warm enough very soon.

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Personal hygiene

We’re definitely not going to tell you what to do with your own body hair. The only tip we want to give you is that if you’re used to shaving your legs in summer, it will probably feel good if you also shave your legs in winter. When you feel clean and fresh, it will boost your confidence. And this way you don’t have to think about the state of your body hair every time.

Warm yourself up

Is it difficult for you to take the initiative during sex? Warm yourself up beforehand! You can do this by masturbating. If you’re already aroused before having sex, it’s easier to take the initiative between the sheets.

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