Which type of lubricant is the right choice for me?

Lubricant, also called lube, often makes your sexual experience more pleasant. Sometimes it is indispensable, and sometimes it is a simply great addition to your experience. Some time ago, we published a blog about the different types of lubricant that are available. In this blog post, we will explain when to use which type of lubricant.

Which types of lubricant are there?

In order to refresh your memory, we created a short overview of all types of lubricant that are available:


  • Safe to use in every situation.
  • Safe for use with all sex toys.
  • Non-sticky and leaves no stains on clothing or bedding.


  • Stays smooth for a long time and feels silky soft.
  • Not safe for use with silicone sex toys.
  • Very suitable for use in the shower or bath.


  • Specially developed for anal sex.
  • Available in water-based and silicone-based versions.
  • For fisting, you need special fisting gel.


  • Provides extra stimulation.
  • Often has a cooling, warming, or tingling effect.


  • With a delicious flavour.
  • Specially created for oral sex.


  • Suitable for massages and penetration.

What type of lubricant do you need for:

Vaginal sex

For vaginal sex, you can use water-based or silicone lubricant. The choice you make depends on what you prefer. Do you use it as an addition to the natural wetness of the vagina? Then water-based lubricant is very suitable. This type of lube is a little thinner than silicone lube. It also dries quicker. If long-lasting sexual adventures in the bedroom is more your thing and you want to enjoy it without having to re-apply lubricant regularly, then silicone lubricant is the choice for you. This type of lube feels silky soft and stays smooth for a long time.

Apart from regular lubricant, you can also choose stimulating lubricant. This type of lube has an extra stimulating effect. There are lubricants that have a cooling effect, a warming effect, or a tingling effect. Stimulating lubricants can be applied to the clitoris, like the Intense Orgasmic Gel, but can also be used on the penis during sex. This way it can provide extra stimulation to both partner.

Anal sex toys

Some sex toys cannot be used without lubricant, like anal toys. The anus does not get wet when you are aroused, as opposed to the vagina. Are you planning on using a butt plug, dildo, anal beads, or prostate stimulator? Always use plenty of anal lubricant. Which type of anal lubricant is safe to use depends on the material your sex toy is made of. Water-based lubricant is safe for use with all toys. Silicone lubricant is not: never use it in combination with silicone toys. It negatively affects the material, making it impossible to hygienically clean the toy. Bacteria can grow, which can cause infections. However, silicone lubricant is completely safe for use with toys like a metal butt plug or glass dildo.

Vaginal sex toys

Vaginal sex toys can be used with regular water-based or silicone lubricant. Again, this depends on the material your toy is made of: if your toy is made of silicone, always used water-based lube. If your toy is made of another material, you can use both types of lubricant, depending on your preference.

For oral sex

Flavoured lubricant is specially developed to make oral sex more pleasant for the person giving a blowjob or performing cunnilingus. There are many different flavours available, such as fruit flavours, like strawberries or cherries. But there are also more exotic kinds of flavours, like sea salt caramel, mint, cotton candy, or champagne & strawberries.

In combination with condoms

Most condoms are already lubricated, so you don’t need to use extra lube. If you do want to use lubricant, choose a type that is safe for use in combination with condoms. Do not use oil-based lubricant: this negatively affects latex material. Oil-based lubricant isn’t sold as much anymore by the way. Go for an organic lubricant for example. Brands like BIOglide are completely safe to use in combination with condoms for optimal protection. Most online shops explicitly state whether or not a certain product can be used in combination with condoms.

In the shower

Water-based lubricant has many advantages: it is non-sticky and doesn’t stain. However, it does dissolve in water. Great for use in the bedroom, but less suitable for use in the shower or bath. Instead, go for silicone lubricant. It doesn’t dissolve in your bathwater and therefore offers smooth penetration, even under water. If you want to enjoy anal penetration in the shower or bath, use silicone-based anal lubricant.

A massage

An erotic massage requires a so-called 2-in-1 massage lubricant. This is a product that is both a lubricant and a massage oil. Regular massage oil is not suitable to use as lubricant. It can negatively affect the latex material condoms are made of or cause problems with the vaginal pH balance. 2-in-1 lubricants can be used for massages and penetration, which is great if you love erotic massages. Durex produces Play 2-in-1 massage lubricants with fruit scent/flavour, but there are also odourless 2-in-1 massage lubricants.

Do you have a favorite type of lubricant or do you use various types?

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