A dry vagina: what to do?

A dry vagina can negatively affect your sex life. Vaginal dryness makes penetration difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. Why doesn’t your vagina get wet enough and what can you do about it? You can read all about it in this blog post about vaginal dryness.

What is vaginal dryness?

We call a vagina ‘dry’ when it doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of vaginal fluid. How do you know if it is insufficient? When your vagina itches or feels dry or painful, it’s a sign that your vagina might be dry. You can also experience vaginal pain and pain while urinating. If you don’t produce enough vaginal fluid during foreplay, then of course penetration can be painful. And it is also uncomfortable for your male partner. Additionally, a dry vagina is more susceptible to infections, such as yeast infection. When you don’t get sufficiently wet when you want to have sex, it is possible that you’re not aroused enough yet. Therefore, it is a good idea to take your time during foreplay.

Causes of vaginal dryness

There are various causes of vaginal dryness. For example, many women going through menopause experience vaginal dryness. This is because ovaries produce less oestrogen during this time, which makes the mucus membrane in the vagina thinner and drier. Also, menopause causes a decrease in natural moistening. But this can occur at any age: hormonal changes during or after pregnancy, or during the breastfeeding period can lead to a dry vagina. In addition, there are numerous illnesses and medications that can cause vaginal dryness. Not to mention stress or mental problems. Antidepressants are known to cause vaginal dryness, but water pills and allergy medication can also dry out the vagina. Lastly, it is also possible that you have low sex drive, which makes your vagina feel drier.

What to do when you have a dry vagina?

Fortunately, there are plenty of remedies and ways to treat a dry vagina. Of course the best course of action is to directly deal with the cause. If you have a dry vagina, make sure you only use water to clean it. You don’t need any special products, least of all regular soap or bath foam: this disrupts the natural pH balance in the vagina. Also, don’t wear tight lingerie or clothing. Finally, you can choose to exclusively use tampons on the heaviest days of your menstruation. On lighter days, you can go for menstrual pads. If you’re on medication, going through menopause, or if you’re pregnant, then it is difficult to address the cause. What you can do is make use of special remedies that have been developed to alleviate symptoms caused by a dry vagina.

Remedies for vaginal dryness

There are various remedies available for vaginal dryness.


Lubricant is probably the first thing to come to mind if you’re looking for a solution to vaginal dryness. Lubricant is very effective when you experience vaginal dryness. Are you in the mood to go at it with your man? Use a few drops of lubricant and you won’t notice the dryness anymore. This is a temporary solution of course. There are different kinds of lubricant, like water-based lubricant, which you can also use in combination with silicone sex toys. Another option is silicone lubricant, which doesn’t dry out after a while and can also be used in the shower or bath. You can even choose special lubricants, such as stimulating lubricant.

Libido stimulators

Is your sex drive in general quite low? It’s possible! There are many women who have a lower libido than their partner. Are you looking for a more active sex life without vaginal dryness? Then check out our libido stimulators for her. These are stimulating drops, gels, or sprays that increase libido and provide more energy. You will get aroused faster, which helps relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Massage oil

We can almost hear you think: massage oil for vaginal dryness? Yes! Not because oil glides well or can be used as lubricant, but because a longer-lasting foreplay session often makes sure a woman properly gets in the mood. Treat her to an elaborate massage with lovely scented massage oil. Light candles and knead every part of her body. Do you use 2 in 1 massage oil? Then tease her vulva with your hands. It is very likely that this extensive foreplay will arouse her sufficiently.

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