Which flower matches your sexuality? 🌷

bloemen en sensualiteit
Spring is in the air: the temperature rises, the sun is out, and flowers start to grow. Our body often responds positively to that. We feel more energetic and want to go outside more. Embrace those spring vibes and find out in this article which flower matches your personality and sexuality.


Lavender is known for its purity, dedication, serenity, and tranquility. A lavender field feels like a warm, purple oasis of peace. This heather flower has the ability to reduce stress and relax the mind. The colour purple stands for royalty and elegance. In other words, lavender has many beautiful sides. Do you recognise your personality or sexuality in this description? Then the sex toys below are an excellent match for you!


Crocuses are the first to bloom when winter is over. This is the symbolic start of spring and it brings about a feeling of youthfulness. The flower symbolises an enterprising and colourful person who isn’t afraid to take the first step; a pioneer, a trailblazer. Does this youthful spirit resonate with you? Then the colourful PMV20-products are the choice for you!


This elegant and powerful flower symbolises pride, determination, and pure beauty. The word “amaryllis” comes from the Greek word “amaryssein”, which means “to shine”. These flowers usually grow in tropical areas. For us, the amaryllis is a symbol for a body that should be honoured with beautiful lingerie.


Cornflowers are wild flowers with a characteristic blue colour. They’re also known as ‘bachelor’s button’. According to old stories, cornflowers were worn by young bachelors who were in love. If the flower wilted soon after, the love he had for a woman wasn’t mutual. If the flower remained alive and well for a long time, the woman in question was likely to be in love with him too.


Jasmine is a snow-white, star-shaped flower that symbolises purity, simplicity, modesty, and strength. It also stands for hope, tenderness, friendschip, and love for your loved ones. Do you recognise yourself in this flower in terms of your sexuality? Then the toys below are perfect for you.


Like crocuses, daffodils symbolise the start of spring. The daffodil is one of the first flowers that blooms when winter is over. It stands for joy, happiness, prosperity, and wealth. If you want to bring that rich and joyful feeling into your bedroom, go for the high-quality sex toys by LELO.


Dahlia stands for the strength and confidence to make changes. The flowers all look very different. Some have just one colour, others are very bright. One flower might have many petals, while another doesn’t have that much. Dahlias symbolise the different ways that people can be beautiful. Both on the inside and outside.

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