The Most Exciting Places for Outdoor Sex

De spannendste plekken voor buitenseks

Outdoor sex: have you ever tried it? It’s exciting because you could get caught at any moment. And despite that, or perhaps because of that, it is a fantasy many people have. Freelance writer Linda digs into her memories of the most exciting places she’s ever had outdoor sex and gives some practical tips.

Outdoor sex: where can you go all the way?

There are countless places to think of where you can enjoy the wind on your bare skin and the thrill of being caught.

In the water

You’re on holiday, it’s hot, you’re scantily dressed and your partner (or hook-up) is more attractive than ever. Sex in the pool or the sea is a very attractive option. It’s easy too, because in the water it’s easy for your partner to lift you up. And you can slide those little bikini bottoms aside in no time at all.

In the woods

The forest is ideal for a standing position: especially because damp moss, pine cones and twigs are not really much fun to lie back on. Get off the beaten track, literally and figuratively, and pleasure your partner orally while they lean against a tree.

On the beach or in the dunes

Most people have experienced a walk on the beach with your holiday sweetheart in the middle of the night. The relaxing sound of the waves, the stars in the sky: the perfect moment to give in to your lust and have an experience that you will remember with pleasure twenty years later.

Outdoor sex in the garden

You don’t even have to leave home when looking for a suitable place for outdoor sex. Not going on holiday this summer? Do it in your garden! For example, you could lie together on the grass under a blanket or do it on a comfortable chaise longue. Don’t have neighbours who can look over your hedge? Skip the blanket.

On the balcony

A balcony is also an exciting place for some sexy fun. Lean against the railing while your partner takes you from behind. Appropriate clothing and scanning your surroundings are important. This way you avoid curious looks and don’t get in trouble with the law.

Outdoor sex behind a bar or disco

Like going to the pub? Instead of going to the bathroom for a quickie, take your pull outside. Often there are enough dark alleys in the city centre. Take a look around to make sure there are no security cameras.

In the car

Outside yet sheltered: a car is a nice place for outdoor sex. On the hood, oral sex for him in the passenger seat or just together in the back seat: it may be a bit tight, but it’s possible, as the movies have always shown us.

A free tip: don’t park your car in a muddy meadow. You don’t want to have to find a farmer to pull your car out with a tractor. It might make for a good story in hindsight, but the amount of stress you’ll experience isn’t worth the awkward sex.

In the park

In almost every park you can find a place where you can have sex more or less out of sight. Of course it also depends on the time of day: during the day in summer a park will be busier than in the middle of the night after going out. And doing it out in the middle of the big lawn on a quiet night can be quite romantic.

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Outdoor sex? With these practical tips, it’ll be a success

Sand between your labia or a neighbour watching you two from his bedroom are some of the things you’ll want to avoid. With these practical tips, outdoor sex can become even more pleasurable.

Think about the positions

If you lie side-by-side on a rug (possibly under a blanket), this will be a lot less noticeable than if you let your lover take you from behind. Not that one is necessarily better than the other, but it’s certainly worth thinking about. Doggy style is also a very handy position if you can lean against an outside wall or tree and your clothes stay clean too.

Dress appropriately

Of course, it might happen that you will have sex in the open air completely unexpectedly, but it can also be planned. In the latter case, it is very useful as a woman to wear a slightly longer dress or skirt. No fiddling with skinny jeans that you have to button or zip up; just pull your skirt up and no one will be the wiser. For men, it’s a lot easier: loose-fitting sweatpants work perfectly.

Bring a rug or towel

It’s incredibly annoying: getting sand between your labia and butt cheeks. You can prevent some of this by using a towel or cloth. Moreover, it’s not at all strange to lie down together on a bath towel in the dunes or picnic blanket in the woods. The towel is also practical for wiping off with afterwards.

See if outdoor sex is appropriate

With outdoor sex, you don’t necessarily want to get caught, but the risk is there. This makes it exciting, but do try to make wise decisions in the heat of the moment. For example, sex in the sea or in the pool is fun and exciting, but if there are children swimming around, it becomes a completely different story.

Bring a bag

A bag? Yep, for the used condoms and their wrappers. Nobody wants to find used condoms out in nature and putting them in your pocket is not an attractive idea either.

Don’t overthink

Go with the flow and experience the liberating feeling that outdoor sex can give. When you think about everything, the thrilling feeling will disappear and give way to fear. But we just want it to be fun. So enjoy it and if turns out that it’s not for you, then you’ll know that now too.

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