The best dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community

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If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, it can sometimes be a challenge to discover the sexual preference of the person you have your eye on. Dating apps that are specially developed for the LGBTQ+ community make this much easier. Here, you will find like-minded people who clearly communicate their preferences or are working on discovering their sexuality. We created a list of the best (international) dating apps.

The best dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community

LGBTQ+ is an abbreviation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and other sexual identities. LGBTQ+ dating apps make online dating much easier for the many different LGBTQ+ communities. There isn’t a large international dating app for each and every specific gender identity or sexual preference, but we compiled a list of the most popular and most inclusive apps available.

1. HER (iOS and Android)

HER is a dating app that is created by and for queer women. It’s well-known as a lesbian and bisexual dating app, but it’s also a good place to meet non-binary and cisgender people. In the app, you can select 17 sexualities and 18 gender identities, and more than one pronoun. HER also has a real community with the most important LGBTQ+ news.

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2. Lesly (iOS and Android)

Lesly is a dating app for lesbian and bisexual women. The app works the same as Tinder: you can swipe potential dates to the left or right based on their profile photo.

3. Hinge (iOS and Android)

Hinge is clear about their mission: they want people to get off dating apps. How? By helping as many people as possible find a good match. Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met his husband via this app.

4. Grindr (iOS and Android)

Of course Grindr is indispensable in this list. It’s the most popular dating app for homosexual and bisexual men. You can select your gender identity, like transgender, non-binary, or queer. It’s also possible to choose your preferred pronouns. If you’re looking for homosexual or bisexual men, Grindr is the app that has the most to offer.

5. Scruff (iOS and Android)

Scruff is a progressive GBTQ dating app. You can search for many different types of men and the app tries to be as inclusive as possible. Scruff was the first app with an option for the transgender community and unlike other dating apps, you don’t have to select an ethnicity during registration.

6. Hornet (iOS and Android)

With over 25 million members, Hornet is one of the largest dating apps for homosexual and bisexual men. On the website, you can also read LGBTQ+ stories.

7. Feeld (iOS and Android)

The Feeld app offers more than 20 genders and sexual preferences to choose from. This makes it one of the most progressive and inclusive dating apps in this list. You can even create a couple’s account.

8. Wapa (iOS and Android)

Wapa is the most popular dating app for women in Spain, Italy, and many countries in South America. Wapa is a place to meet lesbian, bisexual, and bicurious women (both transsexual and cisgender). Unlike many other apps, ‘straight’ is not one of the options in the list of preferences. This app is exclusively for lesbians.

9. Transdr (iOS and Android)

Transdr describes their app as ‘a non-judging dating community for transsexual persons’. And that’s exactly what it is. If you’re transgender and you’re looking for a date, Transdr can be a useful app for you.

Which dating app has your preference?

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April 13, 2021 9:02 am

Yes, this is a great lgbt listing apps. Grindr is the biggest gay app online now. I really like to use it.


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