Royal luxury and durability: Womanizer Premium Eco πŸ‘‘

Womanizer Premium Eco

Royal luxury and durability: the brand-new Womanizer Premium Eco is the sex toy of the future. This Tesla among sex toys stands for high quality and next-level durability. This air pressure vibrator is biodegradable and recyclable. Green, innovative vibration!

Royal luxury and durability

The Womanizer Premium Eco is the most innovative air pressure vibrator available on the market. The combination of high quality design and eco-friendliness makes this sex toy a true must-have. With this new toy for women, you can enjoy 12 whisper-quiet intensity levels. Without actually touching your clitoris, the sex toy uses air pressure waves to create a sucking/massaging effect. This widely acclaimed Pleasure Air Technology is very well-known because of the most popular sex toy for women: the Satisfyer Pro. The difference is that the Premium Eco is even better quality and is eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly pleasure

This high-end air pressure vibrator is made of Biolene; an eco-friendly alternative for plastic. This means that you won’t produce any waste when you decide to throw away the toy. Another advantage of this toy is the fact that you can replace the various parts. The rechargeable battery for example can be replaced. This way you keep using the Premium Eco for years and years.

The eco-friendly aspects of the Womanizer Premium Eco are:

  • 100% vegan
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradeable
  • 50% shorter charging cord, so less environmental damage
  • The toy bag is made of 100% natural cotton
  • 100% green packaging
  • No plastic
  • Compact manual to reduce the amount of paper
  • Womanizer plants a tree for every sold Eco product

Womanizer Premium VS. Womanizer Premium Eco

The popularity of air pressure vibrators has increased significantly in recent years. Women can’t say enough good things about the ground-breaking Pleasure Air Technology. It not only makes it easier to get an orgasm, but it also makes orgasms last longer and feel more intense. One of the best high-end toys that uses this technology is the Womanizer Premium. The only difference with the Eco version is that the Eco version isn’t completely waterproof. If you enjoy using your toy while taking a bath, the Womanizer Premium is probably the toy for you. In any other case, the brand new Womanizer Eco is the better choice, as it has excellent features and specifications:

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