Pheromones: what are they and what effect do they have?

perfume with pheromones

Pheromones are the tangible version of the expression “love is in the air”. Sex is also in the air. That may not be an expression, but when you think about it, you can probably imagine the smell and feeling that comes with that image. This is because of pheromones: your body produces these invisible fragrances when you get aroused. The scent of pheromones does something to the person you are with as well: it makes sure the arousal is mutual. Pheromones are therefore also called attractants. Good news: you can buy them at Pabo!

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are attractants that every person, and animal, produces. That doesn’t just happen when you get aroused. How does a baby know that he has to suck his mother’s breast for milk? How do birds warn each other when there is danger? How does a tiger know he has entered hostile territory? That’s right: because of pheromones. Human beings don’t need those ancient instincts anymore. But you can use them to your advantage. Stimulating your own senses with a scent that you are unable to smell, but that your nose picks up anyway, is part of a seductive game.

This is how pheromones work

Pheromones that can be used for arousal are so-called sex pheromones. If you wear perfume with pheromones, you let people around you know that you are sexually aroused and are open to contact. They provide invisible power of attraction. Pheromones have been added to perfumes for both men and women for decades. Musk is a popular ingredient in perfumes, which is the animal version of sex pheromones. Your natural desire is better stimulated by human pheromones though. Which is why it didn’t take long before products were made that transformed its users into proper seducers.

For her

Can you remember the scene in Sex and the City where Samantha drenched her trousers in pheromones? Her goal: succeed in the hunt for a good looking man who wants to sleep with her. Scientists confirm that men respond to female pheromones. That is why you can now buy perfumes specially made for women who want to improve their power of attraction. The perfumes are available with various scents and always have a sensual smell. From sweet cherry to fresh flowers and the well-known scent of musk: you can wear your favorite seductive scent every day. At your own risk of course, because before you know it men are lining up for you.

Pheromones for him

There are also perfumes for men with a seductive scent that seduces and arouses women. There are various fresh and manly scents available. It is also possible to choose a perfume with pheromones that has no scent, so you can wear it together with your favorite cologne. When you feel hot and start to sweat, your own body produces even more pheromones. That body scent in combination with the perfume makes sure the fragrances spread even further. If you are aware of that, you will go talk to that beautiful woman with more confidence than usual. Try different perfumes to find out which pheromones work best for you when you go out on a hunt.

No magic potion

Should you expect many women to come running after you screaming, or a group of adoring men to appear on your front porch, we have bad news for you. Pheromones do not have the effect that deodorant brands would have you believe in their commcercials. They influence a potential partner and encourage them to approach you. That person feels good when they are near you and they will feel aroused more than usual. Someone who wasn’t attracted to you before won’t suddenly want to jump your bones. The scent is more like an icebreaker: you are approachable in the eyes of the opposite sex. That will definitely come in handy when you are looking for a (bed) partner.

A sensual massage

When you have been together with your parter for a while and you still enjoy each other’s company a lot, then these unique scents will stimulate the heavenly feeling of having sex. Wearing perfume is always a good idea, as a lovely scent makes you even more attractive. You can also spray it on your bed sheets. Or what about a different product? Did you know that there are also massage oils and massage candles with pheromones? Perfect for a sensual night in the bedroom with extensive foreplay for maximum pleasure.

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