Our Christmas message to you πŸŽ„

The sails of our fleet catch more wind every day. We’re heading for a world of feminine power, independence, and unconditional self-love. The more souls we inspire, the stronger the wind of change will blow. We will get you over that first hump of fear and doubt and set you off on your journey of sexual discovery. In the coming year, we will pick up where we left off this year. Take this last month of the year to look back at what you achieved and overcame, enjoy it, and sail straight into next year with us.

Devour taboos

Burning sex questions that are never asked out of fear eventually lead to insecurity. Retreating into your comfort zone feels safe, but is actually counterproductive. Talking about sex and sexuality is scary, but eventually leads to strength, confidence, and understanding. That’s why we’re on a mission to slowly but surely pull taboo topics out of the shadows and push them into the light. We dedicate ourselves to increasing your confidence by publishing taboo-breaking articles 52 weeks per year. From advice on how to overcome low libidoΒ to how you can love yourself unconditionally; we discuss every taboo or forbidden topic you can think of.

β€œTogether we will pull taboo topics out of the shadows and push them into the light.”

By actively reading and talking about sexual awakening, you stimulate your own sexual exploration. There’s a good chance that long forgotten desires come to the surface again, that you will discover new things when it comes to sex, and that you will learn to love yourself more, both physically and mentally.

Development & action!

Action leads to change. With that in mind, we leap into the new year. When we say ‘action’, we don’t just mean active public expressions, but mostly action within yourself. What parts of yourself haven’t you explored yet? In what way do you want to learn and discover? Using these questions as a guide, you can develop and explore your sexual identity and wishes.

There is much to learn when it comes to relationships as well. Our in-house sexologist Nynke Nijman answered questions this year in her column ‘in conversation with’ where she talked about:

  • Sexual desires
  • Self-love
  • Masturbating
  • Communication
  • Sexual fantasies

Many of these questions are about taboo topics that aren’t talked about often, if at all. The conservative standpoint ‘if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist’ seems to be disappearing however. People start to ask questions, have discussions, show their true colours, and step out of the shadows. We want to help you do that by giving you a voice.

From unconditional self-love

At the end of this turbulent year, we want to take a moment to reflect on everything that has been accomplished so far. For example, owning and using sex toys has become increasingly common and ‘normal’. More and more people are exploring their bodies with a sex toy and feel the power of self-love. Both couples and the ever-increasing number of single people enjoy using sex toys to boost their sex life.

β€œMore and more people are exploring their bodies like never before.”

Apart from these general victories, it’s also really important to look at your personal victories. Perhaps you’ve learned to love yourself more this year and you’re able to look at your reflection in the mirror with pride. Or maybe you’ve started a conversation with your partner because you were unsatisfied with your sex life. All these small victories lead to a global sexual awakening.

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Our Christmas message

The holidays are usually a time of togetherness, community, and solidarity, but this year everything will be different. Group dinners and family visits won’t be possible this time around. It’s sad, because these are fun traditions, but it’s also an opportunity for those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Don’t let your happiness depend on togetherness this year, but find happiness inside yourself. Let your personal growth keep you warm. Take a moment to think about everything you have overcome this year and everything you want to overcome next year. What is your strength and what do you need to make the new year a sexual success?

β€œDon’t let your happiness depend on togetherness this holiday season, but find happiness inside yourself.”

Let’s be each other’s source of inspiration in the new year and express what’s on our minds. We will create more space for your stories, so together we can push our fleet of feminine power forward. Let the wind of change blow so we can move this ship ahead full sail.

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