Nipple clamps: everything you’ve always wanted to know

nipple clamps and flogger

Nipple clamps are often associated with kinky sex and BDSM, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use nipple clamps if extreme or kinky sex is not your thing. Nipple clamps are for anyone who enjoys nipple stimulation and for anyone who loves sex toys and experimenting in the bedroom. Give it a try and go into it with an open mind to fully experience it. The sensation that a nipple clamp provides is more arousing and intense than painful. Are you curious which clamps are the right choice for you? We are happy to help you!

How do nipple clamps work?

A nipple clamp is placed directly on the nipple. It pinches your nipple, making it feel slightly numb. Thanks to all the nerve endings in your nipples, a nipple clamp can offer a lot of erotic stimulation. Depending on the type of clamp, you can experiment with the intensity and pressure of the clamp. There are many possibilities, such as clamps with or without a chain or clamps with weights. If you hang a chain or weights on your nipple clamps, you don’t have to use your hands, as you don’t have to hold them in place or increase the pressure. This way you can keep your hands free for masturbation, sex, or using other toys.

Choose the right nipple clamp

Nipple clamps are available in different shapes and sizes, and with varying weights. If you are just starting to experiment, it’s a good idea to choose a light-weight clamp. This gives you the chance to experience what a nipple clamp feels like and what you can do with it. Are you more experienced? Add a chain or weights to your clamps. Do you have a nipple piercing? Then you can have even more fun! Every nipple clamp can be used by every gender. Nipple clamps can often be placed on the genitals or other sensitive spots as well, such as the ear lobes. A breast clamp is also available for women.

Clothespin nipple clamps

The name says it all: these clamps work just like clothespins. Don’t let this scare you! In contrast to real clothespins, you can easily adjust the pressure of clothespin nipple clamps. Clothespin nipple clamps often come with a chain or weights. You can also choose vibrating clamps. There are even clothespin nipple clamps with a cock ring attached to them.

Piercing clamps: for nipples, balls, and labia

You might think that a piercing clamp is a clamp that should be attached to a nipple piercing. Not at all! A piercing clamp is similar to a clamp that is used in piercing shops. It’s an instrument that looks like scissors and can be placed on your nipple. Not just your nipple by the way, but your labia, penis, balls, or ear lobe as well.

Breast clamp: the next step

If you’re a woman and you can’t get anough of the arousing feeling of nipple clamps, you might also want to try a breast clamp. This clamp is placed on the whole breast and will squeeze it flat. If your partner places it on your breast, it will give them a powerful feeling. This makes a breast clamp the perfect toy to try if you’re into masochism and power play.

Tweezer nipple clamps

Looking for elegant, but also arousing nipple clamps? Go for tweezer clamps! The small surface of the clamps provides pinpoint pressure on the nipples. Like with most nipple clamps, you can easily adjust the pressure. You can also add a chain or weights if you want.

Clover clamps: for experienced users

Clover clamps are vicious Japanese nipple clamps. They don’t just put pressure on your nipples, but they also stretch them. So if you enjoy experimenting and you want to go a step further, these clamps can be a fun next step. The metal clamps have an elegant look and as with most other clamps, you can add a chain, weights, or other accessories.

Nipple clamps for every gender

Nipple clamps are suitable for all genders. Although people often think that women’s breasts and nipples are more sensitive than men’s, there is actually no difference and every person has just as many nerve endings in this area. A nipple clamp is an enjoyable and specific form of stimulation, but this erogenous zone is often completely overlooked. Adding a nipple clamp to your sexual adventures is therefore definitely worth a try.

For every erotic moment

Nipple clamps are extremely versatile and are perfect to use during foreplay, during sex, or during afterplay. Nipple clamps are created for constant stimulation of the nipples, as this erogenous zone usually gets little attention and is even often completely forgotten during sex. Whatever mood you’re in, whatever sex positions you’re experimenting with, nipple clamps can be adjusted accordingly. Move them, pull the chain to the rhythm of penetration, or increase the pressure. Nipple clamps keep your nipples stimulated during intense lovemaking sessions. Alternatively, you can go for nipple suckers. These toys create a sucking feeling and increase blood flow in the nipples in order to make them more sensitive to touch. You can control the pressure yourself, or you can hand over control to your partner for even mor excitement.

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