Flourish in the spring of love!🌼


Trees come alive again, flowers start to grow, and hormones are raging through your body. Seasonal changes influence your body and mind. We feel more active in spring thanks to more hours of sunlight every day and we start to long for loving attention even more. Our biological clocks make everything come alive. Chances are your libido is at full strength. Embrace that feeling and embrace your sexual self!

Spring in your body

What causes your body to ‘turn on’ when there are more hours of sunlight during the day? According to researchers that is partly due to evolution: there are more new couples in spring than in any other season. That’s a survival technique to get through the winter. In spring on the other hand, spring fever is on the menu. Evolutionary speaking, this means that you experience more sexual arousal and want to go out into the world. The fact that your body produces more serotonin and absorbs more Vitamin D plays a part in it as well, because this makes you more (sexually) active and gives you a more positive mindset.

Did you know that… in spring there is an increase of 35 percent in the number of messages being sent through dating apps?📱”

Especially in climats where seasonal changes are prevalent, these pattern are clearly visible, says Psychology Today. Historically speaking, March is a peak birth month. This suggests that many northeners procreate in late spring. In other words, for many people spring causes a higher libido and a higher need for sex, be it with others or with yourself!

The season of love

Many people call summer the ideal love season, but forget about those sweaty nights and heatwaves: spring is much lovelier and more fun! Here are four reasons:

  • The average temperature rises, so more people go outside. Fun side note: they often wear less clothing.
  • The days are longer and the sun is out more. This activates the production of hormones; libido🚀
  • You can be more creative with your dates. Especially during the pandemic, dating outside is the safest option. And spring is the perfect season for that.
  • Spring makes you feel happier, research shows. And if you feel happy, you look happy too. 1+1=2.

Safe and fun: solo sex

During the pandemic, dating is quite the challenge. It’s potentially dangerous to everyone’s health and you don’t have much choice when it comes to picking a location. Dating outside seems the only safe option. Fortunately, spring is the perfect time of year for that. For a safe portion of intimacy, you have to turn to yourself or your long-term partner. In celebration of the new season, our online shop is full of great spring deals.

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