Busting the most common sex myths


People don’t often talk about sex openly. This results in much ignorance when it comes to sex, even though we think we know a lot about it. Many ‘truths’ about sex and relationships are nothing but myths. Think about the possibility of getting pregnant from a blowjob for example, or the idea that a penis can’t break. You will find these and more common sex myths in this article.

The clitoris is very small

You were probably taught in biology class that the clitoris is a small knob between the labia. This is not true. The clitoris is actually a large organ of which the main part is located inside the body. The little knob between your labia is the end of the clitoris, which you can compare to the glans of the penis. This is where all the nerve endings come together. The clitoris splits in two inside your body: these parts fill with blood and protect your vagina during penetration. And your G-spot? That is the other end of your clitoris.

”The clitoris is a large organ of which the main part is located inside the body.”

For a long time, not much was known about the clitoris because medical science wasn’t at all interested in female arousal and orgasms. Thta’s why it’s high time to bust old sex myths.

When a girl or woman loses her virginity, her hymen tears

Most people think the hymen is a membrane that is punctured when the woman in question has penetrative sex for the first time. This is not correct. The hymen is a piece of tissue (partially) surrounding the vagina. It can be stretchy or quite rigid. This is why it’s possible that you lose some blood when you use a tampon for the first time or when you have penetrative sex. However, this doesn’t happen with many girls and women. And that can be a challenge for women in some cultures where blood is seen as the ultimate proof that a woman was really a virgin.

If a man doesn’t ejaculate in time, he gets blue balls

Blue balls are sometimes used as an excuse for cheating or watching porn. Because he is horny and you are not, so he will get blue balls. There are stories that this occurrence can hurt a lot. Of course, this isn’t true. It also doesn’t lead to dangerous blockages in the blood stream if a man doesn’t ejaculate when he has an erection. The reason according to sexologists: there is no physical need for immediate ejaculation. So the next time your partner complains about having blue balls, you can hit him with the truth.

Men think about sex every seven seconds

If you think about sex every seven seconds, you won’t be able to get anything done. So this myth is definitely not true. However, people do think about sex regularly. Men think about it about 19 times a day and women about 10 times a day.

People start having sex at an increasingly young age

Because of sexy photos and videos posted by teenagers on social media platforms like TikTok, the rise of dating apps like Tinder, and the easy access to porn it’s not that strange that many people think that young people start having sex at an increasingly young age. But that is not the case. In fact: a large-scale study conducted by the knowledge centre for sexuality, Rutgers, concludes that half of all young adults don’t lose their virginity before their 18th birthday. In 2012, the average age was 17. Researchers believe that this is, among other reasons, because nowadays many people start drinking when they’re 18 instead of 16. Young adults do send each other more sexy text messages than in 2012 however. This is partially because of the rise of smartphones.

You can get pregant if you give someone a blowjob

Is it possible to get pregnant when you give someone a blowjob? No, it’s not. Not even if your partner ejaculates in your mouth and you swallow his sperm. Oral sex doesn’t lead to pregnancy. However, you can get an STI or pass on your STI to your partner through oral sex.

Sex is what you see in porn

Porn is much more accessible to the younger generations than it used to be for older generations. This is mainly because of the rise of the internet and smartphones. There are researchers who worry about the influence of porn on young adults. 39% of the 13 and 14-year olds that were asked about this say they want to imitate what they see in porn videos, according to a study by Middlesex University in London. Sex therapist Janet Brito: “Sex in real life isn’t perfect or solely focussed on the man’s orgasm. In real life, it’s about communication, knowing your body, and taking a risk by being vulnerable. It’s a lot less perfect than what you see on screen, the bodies are more real, more hairy, and women don’t reach a climax as easily as they do in porn.”

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Penetration makes a woman orgasm

Although more and more articles are being written about this subject, it still isn’t common knowledge. That’s why we want to bust the myth of women being able to reach a climax through penetration alone. Most women aren’t able to have an orgasm through penetration by a penis, dildo, or vibrator. In order to reach a climax, arousal and clitoral stimulation are necessary. You can do this yourself with your fingers, but you can also use a sex toy. The best way to find out what you like is through masturbation. You will learn a lot about your body and you can use this knowledge when you have sex with your partner.

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Every woman can squirt

A myth that is pushed hard by porna lately is that all women can squirt. This is untrue. It depends if you, as a woman, have enough glands that can release fluid during your ejaculation. Usually, the amount of fluid is no more than what can fit in half an egg shell. Another fact about squirting: few women are actually able to squirt like they do in porn videos.

On average, people have sex twice a week

If you don’t have sex twice a week and you feel guilty about it towards your partner, don’t! Even though people have been saying for years that on average people have sex twice a week, this is not true at all. The latest Rutgers study conducted in 2017 shows that on average, people have sex three times a month. That is a very different number. People also like to boast that most sexual encounters last about twenty minutes. This is a bit exaggerated: Utrecht University conducted a study in which they timed 500 participants with a stopwatch. The average was about 5.4 minutes.

A penis can’t break

If there aren’t any bones in it, it can’t break, right? Wrong! A penis can break when the fibres snap. You would do well to contact your GP when that happens. Although experimenting is fun, keep the safety of your partner’s genitalia in mind. Especially the sex position ‘reverse cowgirl’ can lead to painful situations!

Which sex myths did you think were actually true?

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