The cheating woman

Veemdgaande vrouw

Everywhere they went, people thought it was Kevin who’d cheated. They’d heard that something had happened, but nobody had bothered to ask for the real story. It wasn’t Kevin, but his wife Naomi who had an affair with someone else. And so, wherever they went, Kevin had to take the blow and undergo intense scrutiny. But he hadn’t done anything… it wasn’t him who shared his bed with someone else no fewer than 4 times. The first 3 times had happened several years ago, but this fourth man had only come to light a few weeks ago.

Naomi had become attracted to a colleague and noticed that she could contact him without getting caught. Each phone call or text became increasingly intimate, but even though it was gradual, Naomi played an active role in it. Each time, she made a conscious choice to take the initiative to text him, to have a drink, to cuddle… until they were standing behind the office, passionately kissing. This went on for all those months, simply because she enjoyed it and got away with it. There was no one who knew and no one to tell her off.

Naomi was a woman like many others. She had a lovely husband and a 4-year-old daughter, and she was happy with her life. She had no reason to distance herself from her husband, or to risk their relationship. In fact, that wasn’t her intention at all: an opportunity presented itself, she liked the attention of another man, and she chose to go along with it. Not because she was unhappy, but simply because she could.

Everything was going fine, until Kevin found out. Naomi immediately felt that it wouldn’t be fair if she continued the affair. She didn’t talk to Kevin, so she doesn’t know whether she could’ve still gone on with it, but the idea that Kevin knew and felt hurt was a reason for her to stop. She loved him, after all, and she’d really do anything for him.

Naomi doesn’t regret what she did. The only thing she regrets now is that everyone thinks Kevin is the one who cheated on her. It bothers her, because he doesn’t deserve that. She doesn’t mind being condemned for it, but the fact that Kevin is being judged simply because he’s a man hurts her. After all, she loves him and doesn’t want him to suffer in any way.

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