Panthra; release the beast inside


From whisper quiet and discreet to brightly coloured, warming, and extreme. There is a sex toy for every woman that meets her wildest expectations. However, we always strive to exceed these expectations. That’s why we’ve added Panthra to our extensive range of brands. Panthra is an essential brand for every woman who wants to connect to her wild, sensual, and powerful side.

The will of Panthra

Panthra takes you on a journey to the African wild where the leopard graces the savannah with her presence and her elegant and oh so powerful body. It’s no coincidence that the designers used the fur and the shapes of the leopard as their inspiration. Like the animal, the Panthra products are powerful, wild, elegant, sexy, and sensual. With Panthra, you can release the beast inside and discover your wild side. Leopard print clothing makes a statement in fashion, Panthra makes a statement between the sheets.

The Panthra collection

The Panthra collection consists of 10 sex toys, among them the Asha Lipstick vibrator, the Zuna Couple vibrator, and the Saka Wand vibrator. Take a look at the complete collection in our online shop. Every toy features leopard print elements and they all come with a matching toy bag.

The Asha Lipstick vibrator

The name says it all: this toy looks like a lipstick and is therefore very discreet. The vibrator is easy to carry around with you in your purse, but you can also use the included stylish bag with matching design. The silky soft silicone toy is completely waterproof and has 10 vibration settings.

The Zuna Couple vibrator

This sex toy by Panthra is matte black and has a small leopard print detail. This couple vibrator has two ends; one end is suitable for vaginal insertion and the other end can be used to stimulate the clitoris. The man can penetrate the women while she is wearing the toy, so both partners can experience even more stimulation thanks to the vibrations of the Zuna Couple vibrator.

The Saka Wand vibrator

A wand vibrator is a great addition to your (sex) life. A wand vibrator is not just suitable for use during sex, but can also be used for full-body massages. Thanks to the flexible neck, it can effortlessly reach every spot on your body. The powerful motor and 10 vibration settings offer great pleasure every time. The vibrator has a beautiful design, so you don’t have to feel ashamed when you have company and they accidentally spot your massager.

All Panthra sex toys are designed to last and they, like leopard print, will never be out of style. The brand stands for discovering your wild side and experiencing animalistic arousal in (and outside) the bedroom.

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