Lockdown love

Christmas lights burn bright in the empty streets. It’s quiet outside, much quieter than usual in December without the festivities and busy streets. We feel empty inside and our heads are still spinning from all the changes and adjustments. This past year threw us many curveballs. And what about love? We’ve been putting that on hold. Now that the year is ending and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to find our love again and feel it in the purest way.

Let love touch you

Fight the unrest of the past year with pure love. Imagine yourself in a warm, sensual world where everything is possible and where dreams come true. A fairytale that sparks desire in every atom of your body. Something that makes your heart beat faster and makes your legs move. Let the internal fire of love thaw the ice of this year and feel carefree and alive. Focus on the here and now and experience endless love.

Prove to yourself that you’re beautiful, that you’re enough, and that you don’t need the world to feel pure love. Be radiant for yourself and feel the energy and strength flow through your veins. Especially now that we have to stay home as much as possible, it’s invaluable to step out of your mental and physical comfort zone. Go on a journey, meet your limitations, take your hand, and travel on.

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Igniting inner passion

Allow yourself the space and freedom to nurture to your sexuality and self-love. Take the initiative by buying new toys and pleasure you body in a new way. Mentally stepping out of your comfort zone is also helpful in exploring new aspects of your sexuality. Consider trying tantra or mono-cultivation for example. Let possibilities that wouldn’t normally appeal to you inspire you, like soft BDSM or a lovebox. Throw yourself into it completely and experience your body like you never have before.

Kindling the fire

Whether you ignite your fire through porna, new sex toys, sexual meditation, tantra, new sex positions, a lingerie set, or your partner; let the flame of love burn like never before. Throw some extra oil on the fire and show yourself what you have to offer when it comes to love and sex. Especially in these times of staying at home and not visiting friends and family, it’s important to not close yourself off from yourself and the world. You are born to sparkle! Express it, share it with yourself, your partner, the world, and whoever you want. You are enough, you’re allowed to believe in who you are and express what you want to express. And us? We’ll help you in every way we can. Not just on hot summer days, but also during the cold winter months. We’ll help you ignite your flame and keep it burning throughout the year. Seduce yourself and find (self-)love.

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