Kiss me under the mistletoe: sexy Mrs Claus lingerie

Sexy lingerie

Don’t feel like spending Christmas with the family? Then stay at home and prepare for a hot, steamy Christmas! How? With a nice drink, your loved one and, of course, sexy Mrs Claus lingerie!

Sexy lingerie for Mrs Claus

The best present is you. Let the one you love unwrap you, but not before they’ve had the chance to closely inspect the wrapping.

Kissmas lingerie set

Seduce your loved one by parading around in this erotic Kissmas dress all day. In addition to the dress, you’ll also get a Santa hat, a choker and two garters with bows. This sexy, 5-piece Mrs Claus lingerie set is available in red and blue. In what colour will you be stealing the show?


Sexy stockings

Of course, your sexy Mrs Claus costume isn’t complete without the right stockings. The kissmas striped stockings have a striped candy cane pattern and an elastic hold-up top, so they stay in place even during a wild Christmas evening. The bow on the top gives them an innocent look, but you know better. Pick white when you want to go for that Mrs Claus look, but make it really sexy.

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Sexy Mrs Claus lingerie with open crotch

We can guarantee that if you show up in this sexy open body, your partner will have a hard time not going mad with desire the moment they see you. A fun idea: turn the heat up nice and high and insist that they sit through a romantic Christmas dinner first, before they’re allowed to eat dessert: you. This body is made out of transparent red fabrics with lace and reveals more than it covers. You’ll receive two pasties that look like the pom-poms on a Santa hat to cover your nipples.

Merry X-mas lingerie

This set is more subtle, since you can even wear it if you have obligations during the day. This sexy Mrs Claus lingerie set includes a bandeau top, high-cut panties, red garters with bows and a choker. If you reveal the garter underneath your skirt to your partner, you’ll both be in a big hurry to get home.

Sexy red body

Dress in this sexy red body by Obsessive and become the present your partner gets to unwrap. The body is a thong model that accentuates your buttocks.

Christmas lingerie with imitation fur

Cover your most intimate areas with this red Christmas lingerie by Santastic. This set includes a bra, thong and Santa hat. For the ultimate Christmas mood, all of the edges are trimmed with white faux fur. Who knew fur could be so naughty?

A sexy Santa costume for him

Also, there aren’t just seductive Christmas outfits for women: what do you think of this sexy Santa costume for men?

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