How to make your desires known?

hoe maak je verlangens kenbaar?

Our sexologist: how to make your desires known?

In this episode of in conversation with, our sexologist Nynke Nijman eleborates on the subject of desires. She will give you some practical tips about how to communicate with your partner about desires and what you can do when the desires in your relationship differ from one another. Nynke will also talk about fantasies, wether it’s a good thing to live up to them or if it’s better to keep them to yourself.

Do you have a question about your desires or other topics?

If you have any other questions regarding desires or other topics, please let us know. You can submit them by filling in our contact form. Nynke will regularly answer these questions in her vlogs. Besides that she will also talk about present-day topics here at Pabo Magazin. Please follow us to stay informed about love, lust, sex and relationships.

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