Column: Singles’ Day

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Robin is 37 years old and she hasn’t been in a relationship for 8 years. She think she would enjoy having a partner, but freedom is more important to her right now. Not out of fear of commitment, but because she want to focus on her job. She makes long hours and her work is her priority for now. To get to where she wants to go, to accomplish what is necessary to grow even further in her area of expertise, she thinks she needs to prioritize her work above everything else for the time being.

And on top of that, she considers herself a Happy Single. She makes sure to satisfy both her sexual needs; her longing for intimacy and affection. She has her friends and family and she is very pleased with her life as it is.

But still, she notices that being a Happy Single has become a bit more challenging recently, with COVID-19 affecting so many aspects of her social life. A Happy Single is someone who can entertain herself, even in de absence of a partner. A Happy Single is someone who is happy with herself and satisfies her need for love and attention with other relationships. But in these COVID-19 times, it has been a lot more challenging to fulfill these needs. As a consequence, lots of single people, even those who identify as Happy Singles, are getting a bit restless. And so is Robin.

And that is exactly why we need to put a spotlight on all the singles out there on Singles’ Day. To give them a little push to step back into their strength. The feeling of loneliness might be stronger than usual these days and the longing for a partner stronger than ever, but don’t let it put you off your game.

Longing for being with someone else is a basic human trait. If you feel good about yourself, this longing won’t interfere with your life that much, especially when you identify as a Happy Single. But if you feel a bit down because you can’t satisfy your own needs as well as you used to, that longing will only increase.

So, try to step back into your strength as a Happy Single. Someone who finds fulfilment in life, even when you don’t have a partner.

Yes, being together with someone great, but as a single person, you can get everything out of life that you want as well. Take care of yourself. Take time for self-development. Be kind to yourself. Love appears when you’re ready for it, and maybe that only happens when you’re doing well and loving life as a Happy Single.

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