Sex toys for couples, also called couples toys, are becoming increasingly popular. Our sales figures tell us that more and more couples are using new toys. We’re still asked a lot of questions about couples toys, such as: which sex toy should we buy? Which couples toy is the best? Which couples sex toy suits us best? But also: How do you use a couples toy? How do you introduce sex toys in your relationship? And so on. Below you’ll find all information on couples toys.


Before we discuss the different types of sex toys for couples, we’ll first provide a short explanation of what couples toys are, how you can introduce it in your relationship and how to use these toys.

What is a couples toy?

A couples toy is simply a sex toy that you can both enjoy. This can be a duo vibrator, a double dildo or a toy with remote control, as well as sex games that you play together.

After the Fifty Shades of Grey film and books it seems a ‘taboo’ on using sex toys has been lifted. More and more couples seem to have started using a sex toy in their relationship. We can’t just tell by the sales figures, but also by the questions we’re asked about couples toys.

How do you introduce a sex toy in your relationship?
In this, it’s important that you talk to your partner before pulling the toy into bed. It usually takes a little time for one of the partners to get used to the idea. Here are a couple of tips:

1. Talk to each other

If you’re the one who desires it, also explain what your fantasies are and what you would like to do with a sex toy.

2. Go shopping together

Are you agreed that you want to start using a toy together during sex? Then shop for one together. You can do this anonymously online, or visit an erotica store near you. In both cases it’s important to check – ask – what the advantages and disadvantages of a toy are.

3. Start slow and take it step by step

Bought one? Slowly take one step at a time. Take your time when you’re using the sex toy for the first time. For example, start with a massage and slowly increase tension from there. That way you can both get used to it before you really start to use it.

How do you use a couples toy?

There’s no one easy answer to this question, as it strongly depends on the type of toy you have purchased. A duo vibrator is different in use than a double dildo or a vibrating dildo or vibrating panties. Generally speaking the best rule to follow is: use plenty of lubricant and take it slow.

Types of couples toys:

1. Duo vibrator, partner vibrator or couples vibrator

A duo vibrator is also called a partner vibrator or couples vibrator. The best-known vibrator in this category is the We-Vibe. With the We-Vibe you can orgasm simultaneously with your partner. Both man and woman are stimulated at the same time, in places where vibrations feel really good. That’s the clitoris and G-spot for the woman and the penis or prostate for the man.

How does the We-Vibe work?

The woman inserts the narrow part in the vagina, the vibrator vibrates against your G-spot and the broader piece is settled between your labia, against your clitoris. That way, the We-Vibe stimulates your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Your partner can penetrate you at the same time, and because the We-Vibe sits between your labia, it also stimulates your partner at the same time. Achieving orgasm together is very much possible with the We-Vibe. Here you’ll find more information on the We-vibe.

Go for a partner vibrator if you’re looking for:

♥ Internal stimulation.
♥ A couples toy.
♥ Stimulation of both partners.
♥ Intense orgasm.

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2. Wireless sex toys

Examples include vibrating panties, a vibrating egg, and a vibrator with remote control or smartphone app control. Exciting toys to enjoy together with your partner. It’s also great for people in a long-distance relationship or for couples where one of the partners travels a lot. For use at home and/or in public.

Go for wireless if you’re looking for:

♥ A couples toy.
♥ Erotic tension.
♥ Intense experience.

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3. Cock ring with stimulator

A cock ring with stimulator is also called a vibrating cock ring. With this couples toy both partners will reach absolute climax. There are various types of cock rings with stimulator available. Most are made of silicone. Please make sure you buy proper quality. The cheaper versions usually lack power and strength in vibrations, which results in the partner not feeling much.

Go for cock rings with stimulator if you’re looking for:

♥ A couples toy.
♥ Flexible cock ring.
♥ Intense orgasm.
♥ Proper hygiene.

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4. Adult games

A sex game really adds to the erotic tension. Get to know your partner better with an exciting, erotic game – by asking each other intimate questions, for example, and discover each other’s wishes, lusts and erotic fantasies. Erotic bondage games are gaining in popularity. Perfect for couples who want to start with, or already enjoy, BDSM.

Goal of sex games

The goal of sex games is to intensify the erotic tension, to get to know your partner, and to gain inspiration to spice up your sex life a bit.

Go for sex games if you’re looking for:

♥ More dynamic sex life.
♥ Increase erotic tension.
♥ Erotic fantasies.

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5. Finger vibrator

An intimate toy for couples. Finger stimulators are safe and easy to use. Clamp the vibrating pads around the finger tips, tie the unit around your wrist and the toy’s ready for use. Can be used by both him and her!

♥ External stimulation.
♥ Couples toy.
♥ Intense erotic experience.

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6. Double ended dildo

A double dildo is a sex toy with two penis-shaped ends. With this toy, you can enjoy the same dildo together with your partner. Get a flexible version for this. That way, you can use the dildo in various different position.

Go for the double dildo if you’re looking for:

♥ Internal stimulation.
♥ A couples toy.
♥ Intense and complete orgasm.

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7. Strap-ons

A strap-on dildo is also called a strapon for short. The strap-on dildo is a favourite toy for couples. The strap-on is available both as ‘filled’ and hollow dildo. The hollow version is sometimes also called a penis sleeve. This toy is perfect for couples who wanted to try a longer or wider size.

Go for a strap-on dildo if you’re looking for:

♥ Penetration.
♥ A couples toy.
♥ All types of stimulation.
♥ Intense erotic experience .

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The best couples toy for you?

You might wonder what’s the best couples toy for you and your partner. Carefully read all the information provided above and talk to your partner. Decide which toy appeals the most to the both of you. With which sex to you want to spice up your sex life. Which erotic fantasies you have, and which sex toys can help bring them to life. After that, you can determine the material, colour and size of your sex toy. If you think it’s important, make sure to check whether the toy is waterproof and after that you’re ready to go!

“Always use plenty of lubricant with every sex toy. preferably water-based lubricant. This type of lubricant does not damage latex or silicone and is safe to use in combination with condoms.”