Time for self-love💘


In this tumultuous time where we miss spending time and connecting with people, it’s important to connect with yourself. Don’t let the traditional, couple-centric love campaigns bring you down, but create your own path to self-love and sexuality. In whatever shape or form. Whoever you are, whatever you do: give yourself that little bit extra self-love today. You deserve it.

Explore your self-love

It’s a misconception that single people always need someone else to share love and sexuality with. In fact, exploring your own body and your deepest needs provides much satisfaction and confidence. Even if you have a partner, self-love is essential. Not just when you have sex with yourself, but especially when you have sex with your partner. What you enjoy matters. Explore, experience, and let the new facets of your own sexuality surprise you. Push your boundaries, go on a sexual journey, and let your instinct guide you.

Depth through connection

Sexuality goes deeper than just sexual activity. It includes your body, your way of thinking, your fantasies, and your needs. If you want to find out what sexuality means to you, you’ll have to connect with yourself and explore your desires. How? By making yourself comfortable and exploring your body and mind for a whole day. For example by creating your own sexual wellness home spa or transforming your bedroom into the most relaxing room in your house. Explore your body like never before and be hyper aware of what you’re feeling. This way you will get to know your body from top to bottom and ‘upgrade’ your sexuality to the next level!

Allow yourself some fun

The stigma surrounding sexual pleasure is slowly disappearing, but it still exists. Even though sex with your partner is considered to be completely normal, some people still frown upon masturbation. But it’s important to have fun with yourself. Connection, depth, and fun. With these three ingredients, your self-life will get a great boost. It’s a process that can’t be achieved overnight, but this cold 14 February is the perfect starting point. Instead of focussing on your love for someone else, focus on unconditional love for yourself for once. For a little extra excitement: take a look at these great sex toys for women.

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